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We know you want to grow your business by eliminating confusion and aligning your company around a clear, central message created through StoryBrand®. 

To do that, you need to know how to use the 7 Elements of the StoryBrand® Framework (SB7) to build your BrandScript™ and Marketing RoadMap™ Funnel.


The Problem Is, You’re Not Confident The BrandScript™ You Created Is RIGHT – And You’re Unsure How To Implement It Using The StoryBrand® Marketing Roadmap™. 

Do You Have...

  • Your Completed BrandScript™?
  • Your One-Liner Defined?
  • Your Call To Action Defined?
  • Your Transitional Call To Action Defined?
  • Your Lead Generator Written?
  • Your Email Drip Campaign Written?
  • Your SB7® Framework Website Page?
  • Your Marketing RoadMap™ Implemented?


We Believe You Should Have A GUIDE To Help You.

We Understand What It’s Like Trying To Create A BrandScript™ For Your Own Company.

It is challenging to step back and see all the confusion surrounding your company’s messaging and branding.

Not only that, but once you have your BrandScript™ – what’s next? Copywriting? Drip Campaigns? Web design? 

Jamie Kight, Owner of JK Premier Marketing, Premier Brand Studios, Millennial Marketing Studios, & Licensed StoryBrand® Certified Guide.

Licensed StoryBrand® Certified Guide

Building Your StoryBrand® & Implementing Your BrandScript™

Through a four-day intensive training spent with Don Miller and his team in Nashville, TN, we learned all of the inside techniques, language, and applications for the StoryBrand® Framework and Marketing Roadmap™.

This certification allows us to work with companies to ensure they have the correct messaging and marketing to deliver real results. Even better, our experience enables us to craft the SB7 in a quarter of the time it takes others. We save you both time and cost. 




Choose A Guide Package

We offer three different packages to meet the specific needs of individual businesses. Please click the CHOOSE A PACKAGE button to view your options and get started. Services for international clients are also available. 


Create Your BrandScript™

After you choose your Guide Package, we will contact you to set up your initial appointment, along with provide your next steps to complete your BrandScript™ and other services you may have chosen. We get to work right away!


Implement Your StoryBrand®

Once we complete your BrandScript™ and Marketing RoadMap™, we will offer additional services to help you complete everything you need, such as website or graphic design. We cover everything you need to be successful with StoryBrand®.

Is Your BrandScript™ Right?

Let's Find Out. Get Instant Feedback...

Did you create a BrandScript™ on your own after reading Don Miller’s book, attending a workshop, or completing the online course? Wondering if your BrandScript™ is right?

Try Our 30-minute BrandScript™ Feedback Consultation Which Allows You To Submit Your BrandScript™ And Get Feedback From An Expert. 

Connect over Zoom or Skype to receive recommendations from a licensed StoryBrand® Certified Guide. Click the button below to purchase your 30-minute consultation and submit a completed BrandScript™ for review. 

Need a copy of a BrandScript™ Template? Click Here…

Some limitations and restrictions may apply. Unfortunately, due to Voice over Internet Protocol, we do not serve the UAE. We also do not provide services to non-profit organizations or political campaigns. 

Once Your BrandScript™ & Marketing RoadMap™ Is Completed...

Once Your BrandScript™ & Marketing RoadMap™ Is Completed...



  • Create Your Sales Funnel
  • Set Up Your Drip Campaign
  • Build or Redesign Your Website
  • Design Logos, Brochures, & More
  • Integrate Social Media
  • Provide Company Onboarding

We work with clients both in the U.S. and internationally. Because we are located on the U.S. East Coast, we are able to work with many clients in different time zones.

We have options for both Zoom/Skype web conferences and onsite meetings. For clients interested in onsite meetings outside of the U.S., please email us at Success@JKPremierMarketing.com. 

Click the CHOOSE A PACKAGE button to view options.

Some limitations and restrictions may apply. Unfortunately, due to Voice over Internet Protocol, we do not serve the UAE. We also do not provide services to non-profit organizations or political campaigns. 

Industries We Have Worked With

Commercial Construction, Residential Construction, Real Estate, Healthcare, Plastic Surgeons, Cardiology, Vein Clinics, Gastroenterology, Medical Research, Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Pediatricians, Geriatrics, Skin Care, Modeling, Museums, Military, Gun Manufacturing, Public Speakers, Business Coaches, Authors, Magazine Publications, Automotive Service Centers, Home Security, Personal Body Guard Services, Clothing Retail, Golf Retail, Hunting Retail, Pottery Sales, Golf Courses, Country Clubs, Spas, Gyms, Hockey Teams, Holistic Wellness, Finance Coaching, Credit Unions, Plumbing, Heating & Air, Water Filtration Systems, Paint Companies, Print Companies, Sign Companies, Website Companies, Online Stores, Graphic Art Studios, Video Production Companies, Photographers, Artists, Botanical Gardens, Restaurants, Catering, Fast Food, Clothing Lines, Lawyers, Schools, Preschools, Churches, Youth Ministries, Community Colleges, Wedding & Event Venues, Interior Designers, and more…

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