More users are spending larger amounts of time engaged with mobile devices than ever before. Mobile marketing consists of ads that appear on mobile smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices. SMS Marketing can reach your audience no matter where they are.


Your business needs a mobile marketing strategy.

Did you know that 40% of a users’ internet time is spent on a mobile device? Mobile phones and tablets are rapidly replacing desktop computers.

Our SMS Marketing is designed to capture and generate leads. We can tie our SMS Marketing to print ads, flyers, business cards, window decals, yard signs and more. This option allows us to ad a digital element to hard copy ads.

Are you trying to get more customers in the door? Attach a SMS Opt-In for a coupon to your print ad. The user receives their coupon to their inbox while the business owner captures the user’s information and can contact them to set up an appointment to use the coupon, therefore generating more business or sales. 

Have a home to sell? Add a text option to your yard sign and connect the user’s phones to a virtual home tour. This allows the user sitting outside the home to view the inside of the home if the agent isn’t available. Meanwhile, the real estate agent has captured the user’s information and can call or text the lead.  

Floyd Properties Print Ads

Check out the text option at the bottom of this print ad. Users can text the word “Houses” to the phone number and instantly watch a video tour of Floyd Properties’ homes. 

There are many SMS Marketing options available. Contact us today to discuss your goals and find out how SMS Marketing can boost sales and increase leads. 


All of our websites and landing pages are mobile & tablet responsive. Our ads are optimized for mobile and tablet users.