We are a Marketing Company, so we understand that behind the functionality of a website, it must also capture customer leads and generate business. JK Premier Marketing is known for clean, attractive websites that are easy to understand and navigate.


We know how to build a website that is visually appealing and yet also promotes high conversion rates and sales. We design Landing Pages, Standard Websites, 3D Websites, eCommerce Stores and provide Consulting and Redesigns for Existing Websites.

Our website services come with Copywriting & Brand Voice, Marketing Matrix, Graphic Design, Lead Generation (if applicable),  1 Year SSL Certificates for protection, 1 Year of Hosting, Mobile & Tablet Responsive Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so you can get found on the internet. Analytic reports are also provided to measure your website’s performance.


A Standard Website design provides everything you need for a basic website priced at a great value. We craft beautiful websites that deliver your message and services while generating leads and sales. Plus, all of our standard websites are mobile and tablet responsive. This is a great option for a business or organization who’s looking for a website inside a smaller budget. 


What is a 3D Website? You’re on one right now. A 3D website has images that provide the perception of depth. Images are made interactive so that users feel involved with the scene. Try it. Hover your mouse in and out of this text box and watch the Circle Icon on the left spin. 
These images interact on both desktop and mobile phones, creating a visually stimulating website that instantly captures attention and draws the user in. These websites are the latest trend in website design and are growing quickly in popularity. They include everything our standard websites have, along with interactive elements. 


A Landing Page is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a website page a visitor “lands” on. These pages are created for digital ads or for businesses who may not need a full website. A Landing Page consists of 1 or 2 web pages that showcase a specific product, service or advertisement. They are perfect for a franchise that wants to branch out from its parent website, or for a business that may have a tight budget. Landing Pages are a basic design that gets your message across in a simple, one page format that is mobile and tablet responsive.
Landing Pages are also used for Digital Ad Click-Throughs, Mobile Phone Text (SMS) Marketing and Lead Generation. See our blog article, Why Websites Are Like Walmart, to learn more.


When it comes to selling products online, you have several choices for your eStore. We can do everything from a simple Shopify Facebook Store, PayPal check out on your parent website, Etsy Shops or a full custom online store. We will sit down with you and find out what your goals are, learn about the products you are selling and then advise you on what type of store platform would best serve your business. Store options will vary depending on your needs and the platform we use.
For customers with a tighter budget, our “eStore Website Package” is an all inclusive design which allows for a full store display option, along with a Home Page and Contact Page – It’s basically a website and eStore merged together to create one website. Be sure to contact us so we can go over in detail all the options available to you. We will pair you with the best online solution for your business or hobby.


JK Premier Marketing draws a lot of clients from other website design companies. Oftentimes, clients complain about bad layout or an unattractive design of their existing site. Our most popular redesign request is the, “They told me I could build my own website with a template. Please help me!” clients.

Don’t worry, we can help. Usually there’s no need to build a new website. We’ll start by evaluating the site you already have, connect with your current web developer or take a look at the website template you are using, and then begin making recommendations and changes to get your site to where it should be. We’ll even provide the graphics and copy your developer needs. Oftentimes, clients will just hand their website over to us to redesign ourselves and manage.

When it comes to improving and redesigning websites, we’ve got your back!

*Note: Sometimes clients do not have access to their websites or no longer have contact with the web designer who made their original website. If this is the case, JK Premier Marketing will not be able to do a redesign of the current website you have. We can take the information you have and transfer it to a new website with a new design, but without access to your website, a redesign will not be possible. Also, in order to use the same domain, clients will need to have access to the account their domain name is registered with. Don’t worry if this doesn’t make sense right now. We will walk you through all of this.