Social media presents a great opportunity for teens to connect with friends and family members. At the same time, they can reach out to mentors or people who share their interests and passions. Although it can serve an excellent purpose, it can be dangerous for our teens. Here are some social media trends to watch out for.

Inappropriate Content

There are numerous apps and services that teens use to post inappropriate pictures, links, or comments. In the future, those can come back to haunt them later in the form of rejection letters from employers or school and financial award applications.

Making Comparisons

Social media promotes a compare-and-despair attitude that makes you feel like you aren’t doing enough with your life. Many teens start comparing themselves with their peers without realizing that many people share a set of curated highlights that don’t depict reality.

Viral Video Attempts

Becoming “internet famous” or a trending topic online can be a motivator for teens to engage in very extreme, dangerous, or humiliating actions to trend. Their better judgment is overridden by the wish of fame, often forgetting that their actions can cause serious injuries or death.


Many teens thrive on the behind-the-screen thrill of cyberbullying where they humiliate and publicly shame others, actions they would never actually do in person. Cyberbullying has been associated with depression, anxiety, and an elevated risk of suicidal thoughts.

Both adults and children alike should be constantly aware of the trail they leave when online. JK Premier Marketing can partner with you to repair your damaged personal reputation and ensure your online image is protected.