In today’s digitally driven world, Google AdWords is by far one of the most effective lead generation tools for any business, whether big or small. Google AdWords also known as pay-per-click (PPC) is Google’s advertising service that allows businesses to advertise on its network.

It gives access to millions of Google users across the world, increasing your brand exposure while giving the freedom to structure campaigns and ads designed specifically for your business’ products or services. You can target users across two main networks; Search Network and Display Network.

How Does Google AdWords Work?

Whenever someone does a search on Google, an AdWords auction is generated from the advertisers’ pool. All advertisers with a keyword match to the search query get to compete in the auction. How well each advertiser competes is primarily dependent on their Ad Rank. Your ad rank is made up of your bid (i.e. the amount you’re willing to pay per keyword) and quality score (Ad relevancy, landing page experience, and expected click-through rate – CTR). Having an ad show in a top placement means it’s considerably more likely to be clicked on and bring more visitors to your website.

So unlike organic results, Google AdWords ads can be controlled. If your AdWords campaign is well researched, well-constructed and well-managed, it can easily get your ad to the top of a Google search results page, which would give it a high chance of being clicked.

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