In the recent months, Facebook has allowed businesses to start advertising through the messenger platform. It was hard for most people to adjust to the separate messenger application, but now throwing ads into the mix has started to overwhelm some users.

Understanding the process and the pros and cons of these new brand advertisements will help you navigate messenger with less stress. 

Display Ads

Display ads are simply as they sound: displayed on the home tab of the messenger application.

These ads are matched up with your user history, so usually, you will find some interest in what is being displayed.

If you like what you see, click on the picture and it should take you directly to the website, but if you are not interested, there is an option to hide the ad.

Destination Ads

Destination ads are a little trickier. Destination ads show up on your newsfeed and end up in your messenger app. Just like display ads, brands use your search history to pair you and insert their ad in your Facebook newsfeed.

If you are interested in the product, then you click the “send message” button in the bottom right corner of the advertisement. By clicking that button, it will automatically take you to messenger where you are greeted by a bot from the company. This is beneficial to you because you can get direct links, order food or products directly, and occasionally receive discounts!

The downfall is that once you engage the company’s bot, they can re-engage you at a later date. If you start to feel annoyed, you have the ability to block these both advertisements.

Facebook has their users in mind by giving you ways to hide the ads. The advertisers have you in mind because they want you to use their product and usually give you a deal.

So enjoy browsing again backed with advertisement knowledge.