Instagram is a great platform that allows you to connect and express yourself through photos. With their addition of stories feature, you’re able to give your followers a glimpse into your day without overwhelming their Instagram feed.

The catch – after 24 hours, your story will disappear.

But…there are ways that you can keep your stories for longer than 24 hours. Two tools allow you to share your Instagram stories and SAVE (yes, save!) in a bigger and better way. 

Stories Archive

Your stories will automatically save into your stories archives when they expire from your timeline. This allows you to revisit and rearrange your favorite moments. 

All you have to do is tap on the archive icon in your profile, and you can switch between your posts and stories archives. Once you are in your stories archive, everything will show a date indicator to help you navigate as you search. 

Tap on any story to open or share in any way you want to express yourself! 

Stories Highlights

Showcase your identity by grouping stories you’ve archived into highlights. These highlights are found in your profile just below the bio. 

Create a highlight by tapping the circle labeled “new” to the left of the screen. Once you have a new highlight open, you are able to choose any stories you have archived. Choose a cover, name it, and now it will appear on your profile. Just tap and hold to edit or remove a highlight 

You have more options now on how to express yourself to your followers. Snap, save, and explore Instagram stories!