Facebook is rapidly changing its landscape by introducing new features and slowly rolling them out to users. From unfollowing friends who constantly post their daily routines on Facebook to prioritizing the friends you like the most and controlling the sponsored ads you see, there is so much you can do to achieve greater control over what appears in your News Feed.

In its recent move, Facebook is now beginning to test the option to “snooze” specific keywords allowing users to temporarily hide posts for up to 30 days in News Feed or Groups. The feature is aimed at fighting spoilers and giving you more power over what topics you might stumble upon. So, if you’re not interested in knowing the ending to a World Cup game or latest Avenger movie until you’ve had time to watch, you have the option on Facebook to silence those topics you want to ignore.

The drop-down arrow on the upper right-hand menu of a post allows you to temporarily mute specific keywords by selecting to “snooze keywords in this post” and choosing the text you’d like to snooze. Following this action, no posts with the selected words will show up in a user’s feed for 30 days – meaning fewer spoilers. At the moment, the feature is designed to only work on text and won’t suggest synonyms for keywords you might want to snooze.

As Facebook continues to change and add/remove new features, users are finding it hard to keep up with all the developments. Having someone to count on when it comes to managing your Facebook page can significantly benefit your company. The professionals at JK Premier Marketing are looking forward to helping you manage, optimize, and grow your social media presence so you can focus on running your business. Contact us today!