Your Website Home Page Isn’t Working

Writing your homepage content can be a particularly challenging element of your website. Being your business’s first impression to an online visitor, it should have the ability to grab the readers’ attention and help them find information with ease.

Are Teens in Danger with Social Media?

Social media presents a great opportunity for teens to connect with friends and family members. At the same time, they can reach out to mentors or people who share their interests and passions.

Is Google Tracking You?

Has an advertisement for a product you love or place you visit ever popped on your screen making you wonder if you’re being watched? It is no secret that Google knows a lot about what you do.

Custom Built Websites Versus Templates

When beginning to develop a website that best suits your business, the most significant decision is whether to use a template or create a custom site from scratch. Both options carry along a set of pros and cons that serve a different purpose for a variety of business types.